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Hai there world!

Im traditionally a song writer, writing lyrics and occasionally branching out to poems. It seems this place is mostly set out for the telling of stories however, so I may just have to try my hand!

Most of my stuff ends up having a vaguely philosophical edge, so please please discuss what you think its about, and critisize away! (except my spelling... correct my spelling by all means but dont critizse it or you shall feel my wrath!)

I always imagine my poems being read out loud in a certain way, it will be interesting to see how other people hear them written down.

For now I am mostly going to try and stick to poetry, but if you want to hear more of my lyrics, please give me a comment and I may post some. I may even give links to the songs when theyre ready, if people are interested! Most people hear the music first, but I take a lot of pride in my lyrics, so it would be interesting to have the perspective of some writers.

My first post includes some poems about the fickle temptress that is hope. It may give you some idea of the theme of a lot of my work - melancholy, potentially depressing, philosophical, but ultimately striving to find the light.

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