a cat from The Countryside, United Kingdom

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"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will be at peace. ~Jimi Hendrix"

Hi:) I'm back on protagonize! My name is Keri, or Kerry but it doesn't matter since my Birth Certificate is one and everything else is the other. Some may find me shy, others may think I'm an emo but I'm 100% #not# hipster. Just to clarify. :)

What I love:

  • Playing music. I play piano, and strangely enough, the harp and have been since I was about 7.
  • Listening to music. I mostly listen to Alternative or indie music, but when I tell my friends what I'm listening to, they never know who it is, so I guess I'm a band geek:p. I also listen to Classic FM.
  • Books. My whole book shelf is full of paranormal and supernatural Ya reads, some being soppy romance books and others that have kept me reading until 5 in the morning. I have been known to cry at books. A lot.
  • Drawing. I totally regret not taking art for GCSE.
  • Writing. Why else would I be on Protagonize? :) 


  • Tomato Soup. (Ew!)
  • Clowns. 
  • Porcelain dolls and others of the sort. What's disturbing is that my best friend is getting one. 


Nothing new written yet, but I'm working on it. :)

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