an 18-year-old dudette from Maine, United States

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My name is Katie. 

I am a teenager.

I am a teenager who, like a lot, is unhappy with my lot so I escape into stories where I imagine myself to be.

It helps me to deal.

I do plan on publishing, one day.

Find me on: Wattpad as XxTheSilentWolfxX ; Booksie as XxTheSilentWolfxX ; Worthy of Publishing as XxTheSilentWolfxX ; Figment as XxTheSilentWolfxX ; Scribophile as XxTheSilentWolfxX ;

I mainly write on Google Docs so excuse me if you don't see much of my work. 

love having feedback, positive or negative.

I will offer to edit stories.

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