a 22-year-old girl from the United Kingdom

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"Love is why we do it, love is worth the pain. Love is why we fall down, and get back up again. Love is where the heart lies, love is from above. Love is this, this is love." The Script

Hey there! My dream is to become a well-known, international writer for future novels. Or failing that a vet.

I have so many ideas crammed into my head that I don't have the time or speed to write them down, & I'm half way through my GCSE's, I guess I'm doing all right but I just don't have much spare time for writing.  Sorry but I'm writing in every second of spare time I get.

Music is my life. I wouldn't have any insperation at all without it; art or writing. I listen to whichever music will suit my mood at that perticular moment in time, almost like when I'm angry I will write stuff about hurt or betryal or guilt. So Music and my writing link together in that way.

Hope you all enjoy reading my jotted down stuff;

Love From


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