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"The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live"

Pen and paper began to be my most favorite things at the age of 14. It was when i realized that with these simple tools i was gaining freedom with each word. 11 years later and i have no regrets over anything. Even those endless hours i spent in the army under the lamp trying to bring life to my heroes in plastic tabletops haha! My focus and genre is mostly epic fiction and action taking place in our world. I hope to meet many here who share the same thinking as me or love reading. 
Personality? Hmmm. Kind and fun loving always there to assist in any way i can, loyal and truth seeker. I do not like to speak of my self though, I define my self when i wake up every morning and go assist those people who have no one us but us care assistants. Yes, this is what i am A care assistant, feeling great and generous for given the chance to have this job i owe what i am to those few resident who forge my character to something much greater every single day for i treat them as i would treat my own. Ask anything, i am open to all. Feel free to mail me!

What inspires me? Hmm, nice question although i doubt an article would be enough about it. Feelings, in my books no matter what genre i focus on showing and even taking it to the limits sometimes. The most simple meanings and feelings we tend to so easily forget or mistaken like Family, friendship, love, hope, truth and honesty. I wont hide it, i would like to wake up one day and see the world different. May my readers get inspired as well from my writings. World peace, no more beggars in the street no wounded animals or abandoned. A better world, as i said before. This is what inspires me.

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