a 24-year-old dudette from Laois, Ireland

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"My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go." - Hamlet - William Shakespeare

I've been writing for nearly three years now unfortunately not on a continuous basis or any kind of schedule writing at all really when i am in the mood or have time to write i do.

Have written several still uncompleted stories and nearly finished a short story (when i mean short i mean it's shorter than my uncompleted stories.)

I hope to become a famous author one day like J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, Suzanne Collins, P.C. & Kirsten Cast, Georgina Byng, Malorie Blackman, Lauren Kate, Becca Fitzpatrick and Kate Thompson!

There also the majority of my favorite authors. I'm not sexiest just more fond of female writers.

Well that's all about myself really.

Hope you enjoy my writing :) 

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