a 21-year-old dudette from an apartment, United States

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"I'll use this frying pan, as a drying pan!" -Brock-


I'm Kaycee Chesnut, author of the INK trilogy! I am creating this account in order to post scenes and blurs from some of the other works and stories I am currently working on for my fans to read before they are presented to the public. 

Follow my page on facebook for more information on my trilogy! 


I have been writing since I was very little and I am currently living in Utah to go to college but that will probably be changing soon. I am from Montana originally and so naturally I love spending time in the mountains, with my dog and rabbits, playing soccer, country music, and pokemon. 

I also love gaming my gamer tag on xbox is Quesokc if you want to look me up. ;) I also run a pokemon fan page on twitter if you want to follow Mega Jigglypuff.

I also have a fun blog with all sorts of writing tips and inside looks at my characters and certain scenes. check that out at www.lotsofink.blogspot.com 

That's all for now! Check out my work if you want! And feel free to offer some critique.  


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