a 24-year-old dude from Serbia

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A lot of free time again, so I'll start writing again as soon as get some inspiration. :)

 I'm also interested collabs atm, especially in fantasy genre. So, send a message if you have an idea and think we can work together. :)

Hello and welcome, 

Feel free to join me, as I journey through the corners of my mind, in search of answers to the questions I'm sure many of us ask ourselves.

My writing mostly consists of short stories about my views on life, values, beliefs, human characteristics and life mysteries (so to speak). I've always felt the urge to understand how the world around me works, and why people (including myself) behave a certain way in certain situations. I'm very interested in social psychology, and that is clearly shown in most of my stories.

I've already written a dozen stories, but they're not all in English (since it isn't my native language) , so I will upload them as I translate them. I decided to post here, mainly because I would like some feedback, so all comments are welcome, and very much appreciated (regarding the story itself, or my English).

Also, I'm lacking inspiration at the moment, so if after reading some of my work, you have any suggestions, ideas, topics that you think I could write about, feel free to share them with me. :)

Thanks ahead,


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