a female from Mckinney, Texas, United States

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"All the stories are true..."

                         Honest to a fault, critical. I am my own worst critic. I love to read and write but, admit that I dont have as much time for it as I would like. Romance and Fantasy are my greatest loves: Vampires, Werewolves, teen romance, love triangles, etc. I hope to someday become published but, fear I never will be because I often hold myself back. I can write something for days but the second I hear or think one negative thing.... the whole piece is dead to me.  (Annoying, I know.) What's even more frustrating is later to go back and question what came over me, but by then its too late. I love imagery- stories with great description. If I cant imagine the scene in my head or hear the voice, I often stop reading. To me a good book takes hold of you, it consumes you. I know I'm reading a good book when it's characters come into play in my dreams. I usually dont read many things written in a guy's perspective but, I have read some. I will never turn away a good book! :)

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