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Why hello there, this is my second protag acccount after the first was overwhelmed with hate rating I decided to make a new acccount so the boy hate rating me would not know who I am.

I guess theres not much to say about me at the moment, I´m 13, Originally I come from Orlando in Florida, USA but I am living in England in a small village near Oxford, or at least for now. What else, I am kinda depressing and that reflects in what I write meaning that most of my charecters end up either dead or clinically depressed, I don´t really do happy endings.

I recently came out as a lesbian, resulting in me bieng badly bullied by many people including the hate rater I mentioned above. My mum took it quite bad aswell and she still isn´t ok with it but never mind, I am who I am nobody will ever change that!

I am now a proud member of the national youth theatre after going through one of the most terrifying auditions ever. It went well though even i I did fall over whilst attempting what was ment to be dancing but looked more like some drunken fit.

I used to do Ice Hockey but I was bullied so badly I had to quit the team, now I´m focusing more on figure skating and hope to gain a bronze award quite soon. I used to love Ice hockey but people who I thought were my friends made a website called rachelisa#!@*%.com and linked the Ice hockey website to it. It really hurt but I spoke out against it and now the sight has been taken down, although they continue to hate me through other sites like facebook and twitter. Cyberbullying hurts, you can´t escape it. Now every time I open my laptop all I see is comments from people saying how ugly, fat and lonely I am and the weird thing is after a while you believe those comments and you become the fat lonely person that they make you out to be.

Anyway, rant over. If you are looking for something good to read try Artemisian, really anything by her is good but my personal favourite is black silk and it´s sequal red leather. Also check out The homophobic homosexual.

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