a 24-year-old girl from Leicester, United Kingdom

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"'So close to the answer that I want, Just break out, Break out, The abycuss now.'"

A little bit of an Intro:

Hello. I have been writing since I was in Primary school where I won several short story competitions against other schools. I love everything creative. Music, art, photography, stories, poetry and dance.

I love to read and get alot of inspiration from other authors such as Micheal Morpurgo, Tracey Chevlier and Everyone else really.

The rest of it comes from music. I have to listen to music when writing. Don't know why. So I have a writing playlist, consisting of mainly Muse, MCR, Editors, Fall Out Boy, Panic! and Sam Biggs.

I tend to write several things at once and never in the write order. Which is fun.

My current and favourite story in process is titled 'Heart of the Circus'. - Dedicated to Sam Biggs as it is inspired by his music and our story. (Thanks)

I came onto this website because I was told to. And so far it looks perfect for me. So bare with me while I get used to it. :). Get in touch.

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