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So I'm Juggler08.. what a weird name.. :)

To tell you Honestly, I really don't know how to write poetries, my grammar is not correct and etc. :) I hope you can understand what I'm saying here. Do you?

So I'm really Addicted to PIZZA. That's why my cousins often calls me PIZZA LOVER!

I really like playing Volleyball. it's like the only sport that I know, Sometimes that's what I do if i'm totally BORED.

And I'm really a NEGATIVE THINKER in my whole life! it's like the best description of some friends of mine gave to me.

And My life(sigh) is always full of misunderstanding, criticisms, and discrimination. Even though my life is like this, I think of it as a challenging way to improve myself to be the best that I can. At first, I wanted to give up but as I grew up I learned that life has full of challenges. So I should take up my cross and do whatever it takes just to make your dreams come true and be a successful person.

So that's all! :)


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