from Ontop of a snowy mountain, United States

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"ride, relax, repeat" "Fear is the enemy of progression" "Look, listen and feel"

SoCal boy raised in a wide array of situations from the near-Saharan heat of Andalucía region of Spain to the cherry blossoms of springtime Yokosuka, the ice cold winters of northern Vermont where snowfall averages around 350 inches each year, the booming thunderstorms of summertime Ohio, and the cesspool of urban life in Michigan during the recessions worst.

I currently bodyboard on flowriders as a sponsored competitive rider, ranking 5th overall in North America in the 2015 tour. I also teach others to become lifeguards and fellow flow athletes aspiring for greatness.  When I'm not flowing, snowboarding, or doing something active I like to what I call "written rambling" or singing, thinking I'd be the next great front man for a major rock band! 

Alas, pain comes with progression as a person, an athlete, and as the years go by.  I've taken my lumps, dislocations, fractures, heartbreak, helplessness and depression.  As negative as all those are, like in "Monty Python: Life of Brian" always look on the bright side of life because there is a positive on that imaginary coin.  Learning the good balances out the bad In any situation.  Currently I live by "Fear is the Enemy of  Pregression" which I saw colorfully spraypainted on an abandoned lift terminal at a ski resort I work at.


Stop by, say hi, learn a few things for the road ahead and say goodbye!   Until we meet again star fox, stay sharp!

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