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I won't put much here. I am of 18 years, and writing was never my forte at first. I loved to draw Anime and read as many books as possible. I eventually developed an interest in writing after reading books done by my favorite authors Anne Rice and L.K.H. I had many ideas in my head and just wanted to write out stories for them. I am still very much into Anime and drawing it, but I write more than I draw now. I will pursue a degree in English to become a Writer.

I am a huge kid at heart, but who isn't? My stories may contain Anime and/or Yaoi - BL - Boy's Love mostly. You know it's a Anime or Yaoi Novel by the cover.

I am Androgynous, and my orientation is no one's business.. really. ^-^

My hobbies include; Writing, Drawing, Online Gaming, Reading, Watching Anime, ect.

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