a female from Gulf Breeze, FL, United States

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"Hardly a day passes that does not furnish some new instance of the paucity of national attachment in our country." The Gleaner aka Judith Murray on "new" literature in America.

I was born and raised in Southern Louisiana and moved to the Pensacola area in the Fall of 2009 to attend UWF as a Writing major.  After three previous colleges, I really thought I had finally found somewhere that was just perfect for me!  However, like the weather always changes, so do your opportunities.  I had always wanted to go to UNO since I was in high school but never could due to housing.  Now, I finally have an opportunity to live near the campus and may be enrolling as an English major there, focusing in Creative writing of course!  ;)

I love Poe, Lovecraft, and Angelou.  I am not the biggest fan of Dickenson, Joyce, or Shakespeare.  

I enjoy writing poetry but do not feel like poetry is my strong spot.  My real love is short stories and I hope to one day publish a novella... Maybe even a full novel if I can discipline myself.  ;)  I think I have plenty of good (maybe even great) ideas.

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