a 21-year-old shorty from Hell is where I reside b*tch!

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"LIVE life to the full, LOVE those around you and LAUGH at the mistakes you make along the way!!<3 and if you have haters, you've gotta be doing something right!!<3"

Hey... okay so this is basically my way of expressing myself and what i like to do in my spare time... (my parents dont know lol) please tell me what yu like and hate about what i write..nothing will be taken horribly i swear! all comments (good AND bad) are helpful and ratings also!!

if yu wanna ask me what im planning or if yu wanna talk to me or something then please follow my twitter ( and ill follow yu back and reply!! btw please dnt mention the writing unless its by private messaging!! 


I would love to call myself random but I can't. My emotions are random and can change drastically in an instant but, apart from that, I'm nothing worthy of happiness in my opinion. At the moment, my life has been complicated so my work will be extremely self-expressive. Sorry about that.


I live by 4 main quotes in life...

1. "Just because yu have a day off doesnt mean that yu recovery is over…recovery never takes a day off"

2. "If yu have haterz, yu've gotta be doing something right!" - Christian Beadles<3

3. "Live Love Laugh" - Anon

4. "Yes I Can" - Marsraps and Christian Beadles<3


Hope yu enjoy what yu read and talk to me if yu can about it!!

Jordy xx

P.S. they spelt 'SHAWTY' wrong haha

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