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"Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door."

Hi, My name's Jordan and I've just signed up to this thing because i'm pretty interested in Literature, writing and other related things!, I'm currently studying A'levels in English Literature, Religious Studies, History and Government & Politics- all pretty exciting really!, I want to go to Sheffield University terribly too, to read English Literature :)

 I also enjoy music alot too, choirs, orchestras, flute, piano and singing lessons etc etc
Really looking foward to Leeds Festival this summer too :D!

Interested in Politics, Law and Philosophy. I Co-Lead  my 6th Forms Law Society i'm pretty focused on Philosophy of Law and Human Rights :)

France! I also really like France and French related things, French Cinema, Music, authors, culture and looking to finish my GCSE/A'level in the language in the next few years ( and hopefully do the ERASMUS scheme at Uni')

Anyway, enough waffle, back to the creative writing front, I'm not too keen on writing poems, find it difficult to get all the description in when i'm trying to compose a poem. Prefer short stories, planning them, mind maps, introductions... Find it a struggle to stick to one idea without diverting onto another creative thought process and idea!

*Descriptive Introductions that grab your attention
*Dark Settings
*Strong relationships with characters
*Gothic Genre
*Fan Fiction is always a +

Really liking 'The Gargoyle' and 'The Book Thief' as contemporary fiction at the minute.
But do like the classics: Bronte's; Joyce etc.

Not keen on erotic novels though.

FINALLY, after the reams of pretentious waffle above, just message or whatever if you want to chat, swap/discuss ideas about creative writing etc.

Bye! =)

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