a 32-year-old male from Canada

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"To Write Is To Dream."

To write is to dream and welcome a vast world of endless opportunities. When I write I dream and see letters before they are formed. I see words before they are written. I see sentences before they are structured. I see full bodies of work before they are, by a hair's breadth, materialized. My world of words becomes my world of reality. And my dreams eradicate into a stream of pejorative works of art. My greatest struggle is finding the voice to illustrate my dreams to impregnate the world we live in with the world of my own. What sparks your imagination? What makes you want to write and join those in the ranks of the literary world? What is your greatest struggle? Indulge into the power of the pen and let your imagination run wild. From the birth place of singer/songwriter Neil Young and actress/comedienne/writer, Catherine O'Hara, music and literature runs in my blood.

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