a 23-year-old gentleman from Here, or there. Elmira really., United States

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"Just do what I do: hold tight and pretend it's a plan." Eleven

Hey, I'm Jonah. I love writting. So...yeah.

I like finishing my stuff before people see it. So.....when I do put something on may be a lot. Or...I may change my mind and "edit" my stuff in chunks, then put it up...I doubt any of you really care about that though.....I just like explaining my actions...... For reference, I have a story that is 50+ pages and only just beginning. So.....not the best thing for protag. But, I have joined an awesome new colab, with people I'd heard of before starting it, and so I assume they are really good. Better than me. You should read it.

Also, I joined another collab. My first week or college. This may not end up as my best work. But, the other writers are really good!

If for some reason you have a question.....I don't know who would, but I like to be prepared.....just like.....look me up on facebook.....I put my name on here for a reason. 

Oh! I have solo stories as well. 

This one really takes place after my big story, but it is shorter so it got done first.

And here is my big story. What you get here I've typed fro what I wrote in pencil, the edited it before posting it. should be good enough.

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