just a gentleman from planet Earth

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What was it you had hoped to find here? Emotion? Memory? Escape? The only thing you'll find here are the discarded words no one wanted.



  •    Secret of the Sycamore

     - with CassieK


  •     Space Odyssey

 (WARNING: This material contains mature themes and is saturated with adult content)

  •    Tales from the Realm: Grom and the Legacy

  •     Diary of a Mad Man

Me, Myself, and I

Tragedy in Wonderland

Tall Drink

A Deal with the Devil


  • Love For A Fairy

  • Bicycle

  • Can't Help But Love You

  • Lean On Me

  • I Can't Let Go

  • The Things I Would Do (For You)

  • What You Are

  • Distant Dream

  • What We Do

  • Birth Of A Memory

  • A Man Named Lot

  • A Man Named Loet

  • Dream Girl

  • Girl In The Window

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