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This is my own quoting, sorry. Don't steal it! "I'd rather be poor, I'd rather be silenced, I'd rather be alone, And I'd rather be ignored, As long as while I sit in the shadows all alone, I can see you smile once more."

I love all kinds of writing, I write all kinds as well! I try to stay under the radar though, for fame is my life long enemy. I hate recognition, money, and things like that. I am considered shy because of this, but my writing says otherwise. I am, ti say in my own words, just another A Silent Heart in the river of stars. I am writing a two book seires, I wirte song lyrics and poems when bored, and I have written short stories anf fanfic, but they never work out. So, yea, that's me. Oh and if you want, call me May Endera.

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