a cat from On a rainbow, United Kingdom

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"I feel like a pig just shat in my head!" (Withnail and I)

I'm cat girl, because i am usually wearing a cat hat or some form of cat ears, and this combined with my mental eye make up results in some perculiar looks as i wander outside of my living quarters.

I am a guitarist and banjoist (known as Banjodie) and, although i have a bass i can still only play what a monkey could do if you handed it a bass!

I am going to be an engineer and i would love to be the constuctor of a really fabulous bridge!

I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers, and most of us are brilliant at writing; my 13 year old sister had a reading and writing ability of an 18 year old by the time she was 11. One of my older sisters is a comic book writer and illustrator who is in the process of having her first series being published!

A lot of the writing i produce is quite somber and does not have that 'happy ending' as they reflect some of the hardship i have suffered in my own life with family problems. I feel it's good if you can make people laugh, but if you have the ability to make someone cry due to the emotion in your stories then that is a real acheivement.

I hope you enjoy getting to know my characters (it's usual for them to appear more than once in different stories!) and would appreciate feedback to improve my stuff!

God bless x x x

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