a 36-year-old man from Canada

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"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase: just take the first step." (Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.)

I'm a twentysomething writer living in Hamilton, Ontario, currently working on a book and several freelance articles, among other things.  Last May, I was married to my lovely wife, who is the founder of her own wedding planning company,and I'm on my own career adventure these days, temping and, recently, working for a travel agency in Burlington.  I'm also a part-time graduate student through Athabasca University, though I received my undergrad degree in History and English from McMaster University a few years ago.

My writing has gone completely square in past years, focusing mostly on op/eds, scholarly papers, and articles for such sites as  However, I really miss creative fiction, especially speculative fiction, sci-fi, and epic tales. 

I'm looking forward to starting here at Protagonize, and when I get some more time, I will definitely make my presence known.

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