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Well, me..

Im a student studying Geography at Worcester Uni! (I got 4 Bs at A level, and believe me.. i was shocked!) And hopefully i will be taking up a creative writing course in my spare time.

I play the keyboard, guitar and clarinet and i did an extended project; making a couple of songs, with a friend who hopes that we can make a full album!!

I couldnt live without my books. I read fantasy, action, and adventure kinda stuff, alongside a bit of fictional history. I love films, in the same genre, and music of many forms. I am a member of a theatre group which has brought about my love of musicals.

In my spare time i do the obvious, read, watch tv and films, listen to music and hang out with my great mates.

But you guys are probably here for my stories, not for me! My stories are in the genres that i like. Now you'll probably think im mad when your reading them and your correct. If i dont laugh 80% of the day my friends get worried that my head'll explode. I get the majority of my inspiration from dreams, real life events, and other authors. Most of my characters are loosly based on people i know.

Untitled (Title is in currect creation)- (On hold) A typical girl plunged into an assassins world story. All her life she has been trained for this moment, without her knowing it, and now, as she is rushed off to The Academy, her life changes forever.

Woodstar- (In progress) This is a Lord of the Rings style piece about a girl who falls into another world to discover that she infact holds the key to freeing the world from the evil that has taken over it. (cheesy, i know)

Changed Forever- (Complete) Just your average school trip, with the added evil women, strange children, and a hearts desire.

When in Fen-(Complete) Set in a small town, this story is about the lives of 5 girls, whose lives just dont seem to be going quite right. This story is a lot different to my other stories and doesnt fit into any of my previous genres. It is a realistic story, with mature content. But don't worry guys, as many of my friends thought, i am not depressed!!! As i am quite new to this genre this story may not be up to my usual standards.

I have completed two stories, which should keep you guys going for a little while! And don't worry, as soon as i have settled into uni you're not gonna be able to keep me away!

So just have a read and comment if you will. A bit of constructive criticism wont go unappreciated. Thanx. : )

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