a 24-year-old female from the United Kingdom

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"Tomorrow is another day"

A bit about me, hmm... well i'm a bit of a dreamer, which comes in handy when you need ideas for a piece , but when it comes to writing it it's hard to put it onto paper. But even so when i have those small moments when i can write i'll write my heart out...

I love writing stories and poetry, seeing as i'm quite emotional it helps me to express myself...

I hope to become a publiser of fiction books and poetry. In my late future I would like to do a bit of writing on the side, I don't think I can ever give it up.

My writing style isn't great, and is very basic, but I hope through taking a writing course later in life I can improve on my techniques and edit what I have done so far, to create a good piece.


Day dreaming through life


There are times in your life where you will sit there and think - gosh - is life really worth all this. All those painful moments of the days that just go so wrong. You just wonder will i ever see the light at the end of my tunnel…the tunnel in which is supposed to lead to happiness :S All those moments where you're sat across the dinner table with your family, and their all screaming at you at once, about how school is so important and you have to get good grades to be happy in life….hold on what? Do they seriously believe that you will be happy from having a good job? When you read up about all these stars and people with large industries, are they happy? I guess now and again you'll see the smile, but seriously think about all that stress. Is it not just better to be in a field that you enjoy no matter what it is.


tomorrow is another day…..



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