a 45-year-old chap from the Ministry of Crockery, United States

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"I have sent out a search party, and as soon as they find you I will put you off the ship. If you're very lucky I might read you some of my poetry first." - Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)

In real life, I am a normal, middle-class dude with a wife and kids and a job working for the Man.  I pay my taxes, wear unremarkable clothes, and transgress rarely.

Ah, but in my mind I am a hardy adventurer-poet, a legendary lover, and a seeker of forgotten relics!  Your man for the anagram on the overpass, the riddle in the classifieds, the declaration of devotion in the snow, the demands stuck to the door of the town hall with a pocket knife.  Let me whisper to you things that should be whispered in darkness.

Influences:  Tom Stoppard, Shakespeare, Michel Tournier, Ray Bradbury, Prince, David Byrne, Lenny Bruce, Andy Partridge (XTC).

Please leave me a note if you can recommend any poets on the site who do a good job of bringing the spirit of fire (the element) to their work, or if you are one.

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