a 17-year-old girl from places no one goes.

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"Still afraid of the dark, I am / still afraid of the space after lightning, / and of people leaving so loud that / I’ll miss the thunder, every time." - Valentina Thompson, [excerpt from] I Love You Dark.

Hullo to whoever's reading this, it's Jezebel. (An alternate name I chose because - well. It's easier than my real name. Feel free to call me Jez or whatever you want.)

EDIT: I haven't been coming online much - I'm doing most of my writing on paper, physically. Mostly just angsty poetry. Plus school, which is yeesh.  I'm trying to come online more now, but generally I'm way more active on my tumblr, in the link. So if you want to talk, shoot me a message/ask! Follow me, even, although I can't promise more than hipster pictures.

I'm fifteen and female, with a smatter of feminism. I have a dusty skin tone with (violently) dark hair and eyes. I stand at about 5'5 and a half. I write a lot, read a lot, passively listen to music a lot as well. I'm a pretty open-minded person, so don't expect any judgement from me. And if I ever offend you about anything, then tell me and I apologize in advance. :3

My fatal flaw is that I come off as pretentious quite a lot. So, another apology in advance for that. My weakness is lasagne. And my general attitude is procrastination (yes, I know that's not officially an attitude but I practically make it one).

A Warning About Most Of My Works; I definitely follow the quote 'Always be a poet, even in prose'. I don't mean to, but I do. And generally, I'll be posting angsty poetry, because I'm an angsty teenage poet. So. *shrugs*

I promise I don't bite, so shoot a question or a collab request whenever you want! Au revoir, young warriors armed with words...


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