a 29-year-old dude from Iowa, United States

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"When God gives you lemons, find a new God." "Life is pain. Anyone that tells you different is selling something." "The people shouldn't fear their government, the government should fear their people" 3 quotes, cause I am just that great.

I’m an Iowa born country boy from the states. I developed a love for reading much later than I developed my love for storytelling. Harry Potter was my first actual series, followed quickly by Lord of the Rings. After that I realized that fantasy fiction was my calling and I began swallowing novels whole (not really swallowing them so much as reading them).

In high school I realized I loved to write short stories and make up new worlds. I thought to employ this as a profession by getting into the video game industry but in the end realized that was not going to happen. So now I am enrolled at Iowa State University as an English major. I hope to one day be a novelist, develop a drinking problem and die by the age of 29 or so... like all the best authors.

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