a 23-year-old chica from Sheffield, South Yourkshire, United Kingdom

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Heyyyyaaa (:

I'm Jessamine-Scarlett (which is a tremendous mouthful, and also Arabic) but my pen name is Jessi Monroe. That's purely because I cut my name down to Jessi, and I'm also in love with Marilyn Monroe; I've a real thing for fifties clothes (:

I live in Sheffield with my girlfriend Nina <3 We both love writing and photography and art; they tell stories in the most complex and beautiful ways, I don't understand how anyone cannot love them (:

I'm a little strange with the way I dress and the things I like and so's Nina, but we're quite opposite lookswise. I wear pretty much whatever I want, mostly dresses in all sorts of different styles and colours and materials and patterns, with and without tights, high heels or flat shoes... I love dresses (: And knitted stuff, lot's of cashmere and heavy cardigans. I quite like vintage stuff too, and I make my own clothes, not from scratch though: when my dad lost a load of weight last year he gave me lots of his old classic-Skinhead style Fred Perry shirts, so I took the sleeves off and restitched them for make them into little fitted dresses for me (:

 I made the patchwork throw on mine and Nina's bed too, and various cushions and blankets and stuffs around the apartment. Our photography and paintings are everywhere too (: My hair's naturally dark but I pur a very slightly reddish tint over it, and a tend to just wear enough eyemakeup to make my eyes look bigger, and a little pinky highlighter on my cheekbones. Nina, on the other hand, has long, wavy, baby pink hair, bright green eyes and very dark shapely eyebrows. She wears vintage, and lots of grungy ripped teeshirts and tight jeans and a little flick of gray eyeliner; she has real beautiful catlike eyes (:

I've talked too much, as always (: I feel like I should've talked about my story-writing style here, but it says to write about me so here I am (:

Oh, and if you're gonna take me out on a date, I like Italian and Japanese (:

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