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"The surest way to remain poor is to be honest. -Napoleon."

Hi there. I go by Jerome, I'm studying A-Levels in the UK, I like to write and stuff in my spare time. Other things I like include history (Napoleon Bonaparte mostly), food, drawing, and old music (sometimes classical, but it's usually not THAT old). :P

To give you more of an idea of what I look like, my Art teacher once said I look like the rock star type and asked me if I was into T-Rex.

Other things about me:

  • I'm not into T-Rex.
  • Some of my favourite writers include P. G. WodehouseShane MacGowan, and P. C. Wren. Check them out, they're brilliant.
  • My parents are from Greece and Italy.
  • Both my great-grandfathers on either side of the family were soldiers.
  • I prefer the pronouns he/him/himself.

Anyway, enough for now... :)

My works:

My Flag Is Black: an adventure in which six radicals instigate a revolution to depose their oppressive Government at any cost.

Adventure on the Ski Lift: a surrealist story of how fourteen exchange students saved themselves when the ski lift they were on stopped, and didn't start again.

The 2013 Uncut Essay Collection: I didn't edit these, it is supposed to show my writing at its most basic, under pressure, and in response to a question.

My Collabs:

The Killer's Game: a roleplay about mass-murderers, and their annual, evil Game.

Anticipate the Roar: A collab between myself and Randomnese, about clones of famous men and women, who, though raised to carry on the work of their originals, desire to find themselves as individuals.

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