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"Your biggest critic is yourself, so give yourself a break, and go with it!!"

Hi guys, I'm Jensen!

        I am a little new to writing, so I apologize in advance for any grammar or punctuation  errors I might make. I first found my love for writing in high school, and since then I haven't been able to stop. My normal genre I like to read and write about is Teen Fiction since I feel I can relate to the age group of those characters easier. I like whimsical, stories with dramatic twists and turns that keep you guessing, and a love that can withstand anything. Most of my inspiration comes from dreams and other authors but, sometimes I like to pull from personal experiences. All of my stories may seem a little rough but, I would love to hear anything you have to offer because I know nothing is  perfect. I hope you enjoy them!!

Thank you in advance,

Jensen Kristyne!!

For easy access, here are my stories... :)

The Struggle We Face  (Completed)

Resurgence (New Work In Progress)

Collide (In Progress)

Fated Blood (New In Progress)

Bloodlove (In Progress)

Blood Lust  (In Progress)

Everlasting Blood  (In Progress)

Midnight Waltz  (In Progress)

The Hand of Fate  (In Progress)

Death Eater  Group Writing (In Progress)

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