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"Run Forrest Run!! - Jenny from Forrest Gump"

I'm a young author (as in not out of high school!! :P) But i have some stories eating a hole in my computer/binder and i want to see if i'm any good!! I try to make my stories about realistic situations with an unrealistic twist. Some may be slightly hard to follow, but I'm getting better slowly. So please give me feedback on my stories and be nice, I'm still young so I still haven't quite got the hang of it.

I love horses and cats and usually try to encorperate them into my stories, a bad habit. thankfully i usually catch myself doing it and its becoming less frequent.

Okay, so my latest story is about horses... oh well, i caved!! but please read it, its called 'Run with the Wild Horses' and its about mustangs and how their lives work. I added some human-like elements to it, but I tried to be pretty close to correct with their social structure. Mustangs are very complicated animals, and they are very facinating to me. I couldn't resist writing about them.

thankies!! Jean

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