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"Imagintaion is in danger of being buried with the ancient dead and will soon be extinct." .....Anonymous

Haven't really written about anything other than zombies for the past ten years. Except for one, which I've written for my best friend an that's taken me nearly three years. It's amazing how a simple idea changed and evolved into somthing so utterly bizzare and life controlling that I've ended up dreaming about it an the characters within.

Then my hard drive crashed.

Luckily, I saved it to memory stick and all I need now is a printer!!!

But yeah, zombies. So much you can do with them cos they just keep coming back!

There was a time when I was about sixteen, I'd say during the height of shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer where I used to write that kind of thing, demons, vampires and occult. But then so many people copied off those ideas, and you couldn't move for angsty teen slayers/vampires who shouldered their curse.

 It's the kind of novel that sells like the proverbial hot pie, and I've come to wonder who actually feels okay writing the garbage to begin with.

Is there a plucky young wannabe writer sat in a darkened room with faceless men an they tell him what to write and how to to write it...(or else) so that they can go on churning out the "all filla no killa" books that you see adorining the horror section of Waterstones?

I believe that the word horror no longer exists outside teen slasher movies and poor ghost stories where your'e imagination is no longer required.

The thing no longer goes bump in the night anymore, instead it flaps its wads of cash.....

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