a 21-year-old lady from UN royal place called Essex, United Kingdom

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"I'm not calling you a ghost, but stop haunting me. " Florence + Machine "Every little girl should be told they're pretty." Marylin Monroe

Introductions introductions :)

Hullo fellow creative people thanks for clicking on my profile I will try to entertain you with bits of my life and bobs of my faveourite things.

I LOVE writing to the max I have done it since I was in year 3 in primaray school. Aha I remeber the days of how important I regarded my writing when I was like just 8 and hwo I used to look under p in the telephone Directory. ANYHOW Writing is my passion and even thouhgt it has taken me a while, I know It is defiantely what I'm going to do with my life. I am going to travel the world and take my notebook and laptop with me and record stories of strange women in dazzling costumes and elephants that snorted with their trunks in my face. The sotries I right NOW at the current age of 14 and in Year 9 at school (so so so boring, the library is rubbish -_-) are about magical stuff and things that will never happen to me. I have known that magical things will not happen to me since my 11th Birthday when I sat at the post box waiting for my letter to hogwarts. It never came I am sad to say :'(

Hmm other passions are Florence and the Machine. She is AMAZING. The words in ehr songs are jsut un beiliveable. If she ever read one of my stories I think my life would be complete. 

Faveourite Books

* Skulduggery Pleasent

*Harry Potter series

*Kiss, Jacqueline Wilson

*The Cat Royal Series ect

*Twilight ( not any of the others)

These are only a very few of the books I like, I have 200 in my room in every corner there is :\

Hmm a description of myslef would be good I guess. I wear glasses, I have brown skin, I have rather short black curly hair, I have braces, I am v. tall, with long legs, I have a Half a dimple :\ I dot know why i couldnt just have a whole one ;/ I am weird and sarcasic and hyper and sensitive and paranoid, and loyal and a good friend.

I live with My Mumi in 2 bedroom flat. The clsoest people in my life are my neice Taiya, My Mumi, My sister Ranae, My cousin Marlon, My Auntie Carol and My cousin Tyrese.

My magic number is four XD

Ahh Well that was meee Jaye Ole.

By the way my real name is Faye Oliver XD

Adios <3

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