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"If, and certainly there was pretext for such ifs, then--I reiterate--the sheer probabilities were beyond her reckoning, then--again, postulating--she simply jumped. Most probably." - J. Dowda, from The Final Death of the Macrosphere

I am new here and timorous and keen to shy away at the suddenest of movements. Holy smokes! Give a fella a break.

And evidently, according to my picture there, I am so fancy as to be a walking, talking top hat, one who then takes to wearing other top hats atop my finely-haberdashered head.


I am unbelievably paranoid, unbelievably protective. Don't believe me? Told you. As well, I organize the majority of my writing with a wiki. It is wonderful. Try it, particularly if you have a lush, interconnected setting in need of some tidiness.

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