a 33-year-old scrub from Queensland, Australia

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"It's only Hubris if I fail"

I mostly am into Science Fiction and Medieval Fantasy. So it's no surprise that my first story was a bit of Sci-Fi chicken scratch that I'm slowly working on. Took me a bit to realise but each post here is being read as a page of text rather then an individual complete chapter. Whoops my bad!

Style wise I'm not so much a perfectionist, more like I just don't have much time for writing at the moment. I believe in getting something on the page first and then editing later. Which can lead to some interesting kerfuffles when you see a errant thought getting edited while I'm actually writing with out going back to refit the new thought into the paragraph.


Solo Work :

Origin Series : This is one story, but due to the length, individual chapters are posted as stories, with each part being a single page within the chapter. Chapter's are written on a page by page basise

Origin : Prologue A long time ago in a far away galaxy

Origin : Chapter 1 A New Dawn

Origin : Chapter 2 Man and the Machine

Other Solo Works

Jayden's Stand



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