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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Gandi

I have been reading all my life since my Grandmother taught me after fearing I was behind the crowd. I got to admit at the time I was falling behind I didn't know how to spell, read, write or make a sentence. Sometimes I still don't.

But what my Grandmother did for me has changed my life forever. I have learnt to read and I have so far read everything I want to be except a few notable exceptions which I don't want to read because it is stressful or not for enjoyment.


My name is James Wallis. I live to read and write. I have written multiple poems over the years (most of which were horrible), I have written a story or two (or maybe three?) and I wrote a novella entitled "To Design; To Destroy - We The Architects" which I seem to of misplaced. But never fear, I will find it again!

Right now I am working on my latest masterpiece which is the piece I should of written from the beginning. I have been inspired by much in this life and whenever I write until I began writing this, none of it seemed to get much attention. However my new masterpiece entitled "A Paperback Review" combines them all.


My website for A Paperback Review shows you the nitty gritty side of my writing. Most of the time I am continuously rewriting something or another because I simply don't like it. The website contains profiles of the characters, my personal thoughts and a bit of my inspiration. I know right now, it is kind of bland but soon you will love it.

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