a 37-year-old dude from Westcliff on Sea, Essex, United Kingdom

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"I knew that before I died, two things would happen to me; that, number 1 I would regret my entire life, and number 2 that I would want to live my life all over again" Hubert L Selby

I learnt to write when I found it difficult to talk. I write for many reasons, but mainly for the same reasons why I eat; because I enjoy it and if I didn't, I'd die.

My life in catering has given me an insight into characters and human behaviour, but the hours are crap.

I write anything from plays, short stories and bad poetry. Currently trying to write my first novel. Its about animals.

I also enjoy making and listening to music of all styles, but if I'm honest 85% of my collection consists of skinny white guys with guitars.

I am an opinionated little ^*$% at times, but I always have someting to say, be it funny, profound or surreal.

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