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♦ Jai Wilcox ● Covert Affairs RP ● Multi-verse/ship ♦

Name: Jai Wilcox
Canon: Covert Affairs
Canon Point: End of season two.
Height: 5’10
Weight: 160 lbs
Sexuality: Het

[ Brave | Ambitious | Charming | Arrogant Confident ]

♦ - Personality - ♦

Jai is charming, arrogant, ambitious, and will use people to get what he wants either through flirting, blackmail, or any other kind of manipulation one could think of. He’s very intelligent and puts that trait to good use when he’s scheming. On the other hand, he does have a good heart when it comes down to it and doesn’t mind going into a dangerous situation to rescue someone he cares about. He’s brave, confident, and usually has a reliable tactic for the situation at hand. Although he tries to remain professional most of the time, underneath it all, he is a ladies’ man. Jai loves and respects the female form very much.

To elaborate, Jai is all about justice and saving those in trouble, putting his own life in danger for a fellow agent or innocent. When it comes to the law, he doesn't stray too far into the gray area unless he has to. But when it involves office politics and getting the respect he deserves, he will be ruthless in his tactics. His determination is fueled, at least partly, by the motivation to prove himself better than his father. Jai knows he can do a much worthier job than his dad and he'll do whatever is necessary to accomplish it.

♦ - Skills and Talents - ♦

Agent Jai Wilcox has been expertly trained both physically and mentally, passing all that the Farm could throw at him with flying colors and getting better as time passes. He’s fluent in five different languages not counting snarkanese and sarcasm. He’s intelligent, observant, sneaky, and loves to outsmart people by throwing curve balls. Lastly, he’s very good with a gun, precisely hitting his target when it matters most.

♦ - History Excerpt - ♦

Jai Wilcox followed in the footsteps of his father, Henry Wilcox, when he joined the CIA, but he has spent most of his life trying to distance himself from the notorious legacy of the man who had been the Director of Clandestine Services at the CIA for ten years before retiring. Jai's mother is a neurosurgeon from Mumbai. She had once been Henry's asset when he was stationed in India, but her cover was blown. Henry married her, and they became the Romeo and Juliet of the Agency, but their romance became a cliché when Henry eventually left her for a younger woman. Jai bears the classic features of his mother's Indian heritage, but on his father's side of the family he is third generation DC. He graduated from Yale and was ranked a Junior National squash player, but when he entered the CIA, he spent five years overseas and never did a rotation stateside, perhaps to put some distance between himself and his father. While overseas, Jai was assigned as Ben Mercer's handler in Sri Lanka. For a time, he thought he knew Ben well, but he felt betrayed when Ben eluded him and went rogue. (— Covert Affairs Wiki)

For the rest of Jai's history, please see his page on the Covert Affairs Wiki.

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