a babe from Barnsley, United Kingdom

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As you should already know my name is Jade 'hi to you all' i am 15, long blond hair, light blue eyes, tall ish, said to be skinny (I dont think i am though), good pair of beasts supposobley, smart, sexy and at the moment single.

A little more about me i have 2 pet rats they are black and white 1 called star the other called nibbles i also have a horse called willow she is brown and has a black mane, i used to have 2 giant african land snails but i gave them to my best friend Georgia after they laid their first eggs together after a year i have still got the eggs they should be hatching in approx 2 days then i shall look after them and sell them to the pet shop once they are at a regular size.

Thank you for reading this little bit about me i hope you enjoyed it lolz thank you anyway xxxxxxx

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