a 27-year-old jack from Victoria, BC, Canada

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"What can't be done with bare hands can likely be accomplished with bear hands."

I am an infrequent writer, an avid music listener, casual photographer, urbanist, and globetrotter. I'm also a moderator, addicted to caffeine, and frequently mistaken for someone named Jason.

But please, call me Jack.

the Details

I've been around this place for a while, and have contributed to quite an array of stories, poems, collections, and what-have-you. That said, I have a few babies on here, namely Elsie and Red King Chronicles. The pair are very different in theme, setting, story, and purpose, but I love them both the same. However, they're also both solo (And more or less completed!). Sad panda.

If you really want to make my day, add to one of my collaborative works, such as Grimoire or Taken!. I wrote these with no goal other than to encourage collaboration, so have at 'em!

For something of mine that is actually complete, you have very few choices. I have a lot of stumps around this site, but I've been able to finish a few short stories, such as A Crown'd Cup and Errands. As mentioned before, both Elsie and RKC have reached stages where I am comfortable with the level of closure the last chapters offer. While not "complete," they do offer full story arcs.

A lot of people fill this space by listing their favourite books or authors, the bands they like, reading and rating tendencies, and all manner of personal details. I know that I like to talk, though, so you don't get a list to read from. If there's anything you want to know, ask! Just make sure you go through one of the channels outlined below.

the Contacts

Should you want to get in touch with me, leave a comment or fire me a message using the Contact Author button. Alternatively, send an email to jack at protagonize dot com (yes, I have a Ptag email address and no, it is not a subscriber feature). Again, I'm a moderator 'round these parts, so you can come to me with any questions, comments, or concerns you have regarding Ptag. Just make sure to check the FAQ for answers, first!

the Plea

I decided to provide some closure in RKC. One day I hope to start rewriting, but that's a little difficult to do in my present situation. In the meantime, it would mean a lot to me if I could get some honest feedback and critique about my writing, the style, the characters, the plot, and anything else you think deserves mention!

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