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"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans. #LifeIsStrange"

I am a young lady,a feminist,belongs to the LGBT+ community. I love to read (obviously) and write stuffs. I'm mostly into fantasy and thriller,also law and crime genres. I also love listening to music,singing and dancing,watching movies and tv shows and animes. I was once in a KPOP phase where I spent 24/7 fantasizing my life married to my favourite idol (which I am now embarrassed of). 

A few of my favourite current running tv shows are:

The Walking Dead (Tara is hot! And Carl~),Fear The Walking Dead (ALYCIA DEBNAM-CAREY!!!),The Flash,The 100 (F***U JROTH),Arrow (but Laurel is dead...),Supergirl,Pretty Little Liars (there's only half a season left! Someone help me!),Scream (Braudrey,anyone?),I don't actually watch it from the beginning but Grey's Anatomy (Jessica Capshaw aka Arizona Robbins is asdfghjkl). 

A few of my all-time favourite tv shows are:

Glee (Brittana 4 life baby!),Person Of Interest (SHOOT! Root the goddess!),Rooky Blue,and some other I do not remember in this seating. 

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