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"Ain't no way to keep a band together. Bands come and go. You got to keep on playing, no matter with who."

Hi! I'm Jsimmons, but most people around here just call me J. I'm a huge fan of things like Star Wars, and Shakespeare and Superheroes and though I think myself a fantasy writer, I consider Science Fiction the genre of possibility. 

I write pretty much anything, though I generally keep it kid friendly, and I tend to steer clear of poetry, since when I write in verse I tend to whine. 

I've started up a program to help dead collabs get their spark back. Check out the discussion topic on Collaborative Corner here! Or the group page here!

Here's a list of collabs I'm in, feel free to check them out:

Night Hawks (With Stargazer, Starwarsfreak117, DethnusAckearose, frosty_the_lindo, sycamore, mokierie, Seraphim'sZephyr, and JFreak.)

Untested (With Labrynthrider, Demosthekind, and Mycayla) 

General Sinestro's Circus of Heaven (With Starwarsfreak117, Stargazer, DethnusAckearose, Mycayla, JaredWrath, Sycamore, Shally16, Erfranco, and VampireInThePentagram)

Decorus Virtus Academy (With Stargazer, Starwarsfreak117, Mycayla, and Dethnus Ackearose)

Endless Stars (With Stargazer, DethnusAkeaRose, Starwarsfreak117 and Mycayla) 

It's Just Super (With DethnusAkeaRose)

Lost Boys (With DethnusAkeaRose, MyCayla, MmpLady, Orphen07, JamGalloway, and ChimeraKiller) 

If you want to see any of the other works/collabs I've been in, that aren't active anymore because they retired or died or something, just scroll through my works page. But that's a mess. Better to just read the stories here. 

I've also got a solo/fanfic Star Wars thing going on: 

The Jedi Path

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