a ragamuffin from Belfast, Antrim, United Kingdom

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"But then the first spark fell. He looked around, to see more and more sparks falling from the sky, he ran to a nearby cave for cover. He stared out at the hopeless cows, trying to get to their feet, so weak and feeble, hardly able to, the grass went alight. Though it was not as the traveller had expected. The gaunt cattle chewed the burning grass. He could see the veins beneath pulsing red and a faint glow fell about them. He knew then, for the first time, just how far away from home he was."

Young, stupid and about to throw my life away on a dream, how could I not turn to the internet? I'm planning on writing for the rest of my life, because it is the only thing I truly love constantly, whereas I tire of anything else. So these are the tales that I wish to develop and grow, try to be honest, but at the same time, don't damn me for all my shortcomings, i'm still young and foolish. Thank you.

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