a lady from Ontario, Canada

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"If you wanted an easy life you shouldn't have been born a fIfictional character." Ian rankin

J K Brennan is a fledgling writer, songwriter, and musician. Recently one of her short stories "Phobia - a not so irrational fear" was accepted for publishing in an online magazine. A first acceptance, motivation returned.

currently two novels are in the works, and several shortstories are being revised. a novelette, possibly two, will be self-published on Lulu.com as e-books.


Other than that, i am quite busy with my puppy Spooky. he is four months now and still a handful. I learn by roaming the net for words of wisdom, tips and tricks, and simply polishing skills I'm not yet sure are up to it. I entered naNoWriMo for the first time in 2011 and finished with 50089 words. I had no idea how confusing a novel could turn out to be. I'm probably better with shortstories, although I find flash fiction hard, but I don't work with music anymore. So I have time, i will learn, I'll give it my best.

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