an 18-year-old girl from Brokenheartsville

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"Landon: I might kiss you. Jamie: I might be bad at it. -A Walk To Remember"

   I am not labelled. I love writing and reading. I don't know what I'll do when I'm grown, but I trust God in my future.† 

   I hope to gain skills and to better understand what little or no talent I have. If or when I write my first book I want it to have a little of me; I want it to show my problems, fears, love, forgiveness, and still present someone different. The smallest detail, sound, and image will inspire me to write something. I take an ordinary word or day and turn it into a girl trapped in a dungeon or someone full of love and sorrow.
   My life is an inspiration and a story. I want to tell it the best I can with beautiful poetry of words cascading into your mind and hearts, showing you exactly what I think and how I feel. I have been called crazy, weird, and different; these things don't bother me. I use the pain and embarrassment I feel and turn it into a story.
   I love music, because it also tells a story with creativity and passion. I should also warn you, my fellow writers, that when you ask me to be honest with your writing, I am brutally honest. I don't like beating around the bush, trying to sugar-coat something— I give it to you straight. Don't get me wrong, I am nice, too, especially when I think you're great. My goal is to reach others through my life and anything I do; if I can't do that then I'll try again.



I was introduced to this website by my friend Kylie. I love how there is this place where crazy, weird people like me can write what's on their minds. Before this website, I didn't know there were websites where you could put out your ideas and people could check it out. I guess I'm not a normal teenage girl in some ways and in other ways I am. It's hard to describe yourself to people you might never meet. Especially when they don't know anything about you. 

   So, trying to describe your tendencies and reasons why you do what you do is difficult. I'm not saying that it's impossible or anything,  just hard. Okay, I hate feet. I hate stereotypes. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke and marijuanna smoke. I despise headaches. I enjoy awkward silences. I always laugh when someone farts or burps. For some reason, people tend to like licking me, biting me, slapping me awake, and farting in my face as a good morning present.  My voice cracks, so if I ever talk to any of you, don't feel weird.

  Some Artists/Bands I like:

-We As Human


-Jeremy Camp

-Third Day

-Green Day

-Fall Out Boy



-Mary J. Blige


-Boys II Men


-Carrie Underwood

-Nicole Britt

-Bright Light Avenue




-Nina Simone

-Aretha Franklin

   I'm not a guy or a girl. I am a species unknown and understudied. I can't tell you the name of my species, because you'd know my name. My first name. Life is crazy..


I know I'm kind of copying off of some people, but I can't help it. People are just too awesome!


Perplexingartist :  She is one of the best people you could ever meet. Not only is she great at editing and giving you straight-up advice, but she's kind. You ask her to help and she'll help. She is beautiful, inside and out. Her stories are some of the best I've ever read. This chick is the best kind of weird that I know, my kind of weird. :D Plus, who wouldn't want to know someone with a crazy cool name like hers? I consider her a friend worth knowing. 


mokierie :  What can I say about this one? Loll, I'm just kidding. I love her like the sister she is. She is caring and smart and just always there. Of course, she has her bad times, but that's life. I know that whatever happens, she'll always be there driving me nuts and making me laugh. We have had some serious heart-to-hearts and we have shared so much. In a lot of ways, she is my sister. More than any of my "blood" sisters are. I don't want to know what I'd be like without my twin. B)


XxBloodyLove :  Now, this is the person who introduced me to all this good junk. She is just an all-around good person to be with. When I'm feeling dopey or just crabby, she squeezes a smile out of me with her cupcake face. Loll, she is great at drawing, too. Don't tell her I told you this, but she's a fantastic artist and writer. If you ever talk to her, you'll just know.


DethnusAckearose :  This dude is funny and goofy and cool. He has awesome writing skills with a great twist of humor. Somehow, he juggles 50 million collaborations on top of college and just whoa mama. Haaa, not only is he great, but he's a guy! All these chicks on here and this one dude makes it; that tells you something! He is super nice, he listens to you and takes you seriously. 

*All of these writers are great individuals who have blown my mind when it comes to writing. If you don't check them out, you'll be sorry! :P*

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And many more! :D

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