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Okay. So, pretty sure you know why I'm here. I'm probably not all that different from you if you are here. You either like reading or you are yearning to find inspiration for the dreams in your head to get down on paper.  Sometimes, I think you would agree, it's a challenge.  Other times, it feels like an adrenaline rush when taken advantage of it gives not only the reader chills, however also it can do the same for the writer.

Is that you? I don't know.  Sure is me.

I'm willing to try anything once.  No, I'm not a man whore. Science fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screen writing, lyrics, horror, comedy, fantasy, young adult, pop culture, science literature, adventure, mystery, detective, thriller; anything. Science fiction/Fantasy will always be my first love.

Fusion.  That was the name of my first attempt at a novel.  It was about an ex cop who came across a deadly creature that could fuse it's flesh to other animals and human beings. Sound cool?   It wasn't.  But, I loved working on it as cheesy as it was.

I have written hundred of poems in the past.  Busy work.  Hit and miss.  The stuff, however, that I wouldn't even print on toilet paper. But, as I get older, I'm learning better how to express myself and once and a while I get lucky.  I love poetry but I am very picky. 



Final Fantasy VII
Parasite EVE
Gears of War


What dreams may come
Final Destination
The Frighteners
Diary of a Vampire
The lost boys
The butterfly effect


Cowboy Bebop
Full Metal Alchemist
Fruits Basket
The big bang theory

Skype Chat: brums10386
Xbox Live: I FA I Chronos
AIM: Lifesyllabus86
Yahoo: Aeonautical@yahoo.com

Works in progress:

"Private 3rd Eye"

"Evolver" (Not on Protagonize)

"That Was Your Life!"

Writer. Guitarist. Gamer.


UPDATE 10/24/12:

Currently trying to find a trucking job. So far, one failed attempt thanks to an evil bus ticket that sent me everywhere but the location I needed to be. Also, thanks to a company that does not return calls. CR England, I don't believe I will be working for you. Sorry.

Busy with job research and such.  Plan to be back on here eventually. Right now, life is getting in the way. Anyone is more than welcome to contact me, via the info above.  

Keep dreaming, keep writing, keep creating that awesome place in your head!


Update   11/21/12

http://jbrumbaugh.jimdo.com/   Check it out.  Going to be doing more 3D development. This is an experiment, a place to show off what I can do with blender. Check it out, get the program if you'd like, it's free.  www.blender.org


Update 1/9/13

Started making old school video game music! (with FL studio 10)   Check it out if you'd like: https://soundcloud.com/jon-brumbaugh

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