a 25-year-old funky monkey from Lakeview, Saint John N.B, Canada

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"if i were to call you weird, and i called you shallow in return, we'd both be right" - me, duh.

i live in Eastern Canada on the west bank of the Bay of Fundy. i grew up here and will probably die here, it is here that i learned the true beauty in storytelling, that it's not just about creative storyline, it's about the actions and emotions of the characters and the power of their emotions driving them to make their choices. i want my writing to capture this.  i write specifically for the format required to be posted here on Protagonize.

my life currently consists of writing, struggling threw college and my friends. my written grammar sucks, but my spoken english is quite above the nations average skill level. i am the only one in my course, i am sure, who correctly pronounces the word right, to everyone else it seems to be "rate...rate good, rate hot, rate down the street, first door on your rate". so annoying!

i don't write for other people , i write for myself, i might dedicate a few chapters here and there to people who influenced me, but you won't find me asking people in my life, "hay, what did you think about the latest chapter huh?" okay, maybe my best friend, but whatever.

 I enjoy the finer things in life...fantasy stories, doctor pepper, pizza, good TV, good strategy games, and any group that hates, justin biebs, emminem, and lil' wayne. also, i feel that jersey shore SUCKS, it doesn't just suck, it SUCKS. i watched an episode and i swear, i could feel my IQ dropping. fortunately i have IQ to spare. this show has caused me to lose some of my faith in humanity.

oh, and the next person who corrects me saying that a comma comes before the word "and" is stupid. comma's come before "and" in the U.S, not in Canada.

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