a 38-year-old man from Maine, United States

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Writing came to me when I was young (fourth grade), but I was really drawn to it when I needed a place to get away from the real world.  I was having a difficult time in life and the worlds I created on pieces of scrap paper and book covers were enough for me to escape the reality that I didn't quite care for.  This created the style I use while writing.  It's usually dark, and I don't care much for happy endings.

Enough of that.  I was pretty hardcore into my writing for quite some time, but I'm one that likes instant gratification, even if only from friends and family.  As any writer is; I was my own worst critic.  Though people liked my writing...I didn't at times.  This actually pushed me away from the craft. (I know, I know.  Quitting isn't winning.)

I'm now looking to get back into it full-bore.  I want to share my old writing, create new and possibly collaborate with others.  I work long hours (up at 3AM and home at 6PM) which may interfere with any weekday writing, but the weekends are always wide open.

I'm rambling...

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