a 26-year-old lady

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I love two things: writing and feedback (in that order).  I write to quiet the voices in my head (no, I'm not insane!) that scream to be heard; I have a vivid imagination that won't yield until I acknowledge it. I give feedback to help others improve their writing, and I receive critical feedback without offense because I value honesty, however brusque. My worst annoyance is when people write or say "good job" without telling me what made it so.

I am from Italy . I moved to America after a fire destroyed my family's estate.  I am convinced that the modern era is good only for its useful tools and advanced science. Classic literature appeals to me most, not because the characters have sense or because the society of the 19th century was any better than that of today. Rather, the authors had such a way with words that their works brought me to tears or hysterical laughter--something that modern works fail to do. No, I don't claim to be a better author than the best-selling authors--I just feel that their work, and mine, could be greatly improved.

My favorite color is blue, my favorite food is pound cake and my favorite type of music is hard rock. 

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